Salamanca Steampunk Handmade Jewellery

An Interview with Janty Fry of Salamanca Steampunk handmade jewellery.

What’s the name of your business and what do you sell?

Salamanca Steampunk evokes the memory of the Victorian Age, using a combination of mechanically based watches, cogs and wheels, with a variety of charms, filigree, chains, beads, discarded jewellery pieces and found objects. Brass, copper and metal combined with jewels, ribbons, skulls, rustic keys and imagination, result in unique, eye-catching little works of art.


Tell us a bit about your products…

Most of my pieces consist of watch or clock parts, which I have gathered over many years, having always been a collector of odd pieces, and items discarded because they are broken or useless.
I love pulling them apart, fitting them together with other odd little pieces until I am satisfied with my creation.


What led you into this business?

Because the earrings and watch pendants are so eye-catching, I found strangers asking me where I bought them. This led to me offering to make them for friends, and eventually to selling them in galleries.

Why Salamanca?

I have had an interest in Salamanca for many years, the little galleries are the perfect outlet for my work with locals and tourists looking for something a little different and quirky.
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Where else do you sell your work?

My work is sold at Henry Jones Designs, Wrest Point Casino, Nolan Gallery at Salamanca and Lord Coconut boutique in Melbourne. I can be contacted on 0408136639

Any final comment?

Why do I spend so much time making Steampunk jewellery?
Because I just can’t stop myself!